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Main marketing objectives were:

Review and optimize SEO to gain more organic traffic and improve rankings
Generate sales from organic traffic


261% increase in organic traffic over 12 month period (i.e. almost triple)
Generate 300% more revenue from organic traffic with a small budget.


Where they were before

The client signed for SEO in September 2019 and right after we signed we immediately did an audit to cover all our bases. Before we worked on their website, they were averaging only over 100 visits a month and our audit showed that there were a lot of issues on the website that needed to be addressed before we even worked on adding any additional content or backlinks.

In just 3 months, we were able to double the organic traffic
that they were getting


Here’s what we did on the first 3 month

1st Month – Technical Issues, On Page Issues, Reviewing pages that are needed or not.

  • Updated the product description of each product to avoid duplicate content.
  • Updated internal linking across all pages
  • Removed unnecessary pages
  • Optimized all images
  • Optimized all page titles and urls

Once all on page technical issues were resolved, that’s when we looked at our content and looked at our top priority. We reviewed our competition and analyzed the top 10 results for the top 5-10 keywords we’re targeting and found that 1 website out of the top 3 results was ranking without backlinks and is a relatively new domain.

image 1

We then used that page as a baseline and ran it across the top rankings urls for our target keywords to figure out how it’s ranking. We figured out what keywords it was targeting and what questions from a user perspective it was answering and worked with our content team to create a better page.

We posted the page in January 2020 and here are our results a year after.

Here’s how much money they made in that time

image 2

Top 5 products, from no conversions from organic to making money

image 3

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