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5 Ways How Webinars Can Help You Build Authority

In 2020, one of the first things people see before they do any business with you is your online presence and reputation. They will google your business to learn more about it and you.

With the competition so high, just having an updated Google My Business profile is not going to give you an edge over others in your industry. People want to see how your brand is positioned as compared to your competitors. Arguably, your Brand authority will probably be your most important business asset. If you can get your prospective customers to believe you as an expert in what they are looking for, you will not only attract more customers, but they wouldn’t mind paying you more for your services.

One of the easiest ways to build authority is by using Webinars.

With the expertise you already possess, webinars will help you establish yourself, not just as an expert, but as an authority. In case you’re wondering what a webinar is, it’s simply an online seminar where you talk about something that interests your audience. Here’s how webinars can help you to stand out from the crowd:

#1 Attract Targeted Traffic

Let’s face it; You need the traffic to generate leads and to convert them into paying customers. According to this article from Forbes, 65% of people visit a vendor’s website after watching their webinar video. So, if you have at least 100 people attending your webinar, you could end up getting 65 people to your site. 

These are not random people visiting your website; these are people who know who you are, know what services you offer and are somewhat interested in what you offer. So, you end up getting targeted traffic to your website.

#2 Direct Interaction with Potential Clients

One of the significant benefits of hosting webinars is that you get an opportunity to interact with your potential clients in real-time (without them having to drive to your office). It is recommended that at the end of your presentation, you set aside some time to answer audience questions.

You have a chance to deliver value upfront, by answering the audience’s questions, which gives you better chances that they may end up being a paying client.

#3 List Building

People sign up for webinars using their email address. So, you are not just generating leads, but you also have an opportunity to engage with those leads. People only like to be in someone’s email list if they value the information they receive in the email. If they don’t value the information, they simply unsubscribe.

Keep your audience engaged, by sending them weekly or monthly (depending on your industry) newsletters and updates. 

#4 Create Your Brand Value

One of the major factors that influence people’s decisions of who they want to work with is a strong and reputable brand. Meaning, is your brand different from others in the crowd or is there something unique that you offer that others don’t.

When you’re interacting with your audience in real-time, in a subtle way, you can convey to your audience about how unique you are compared to others in the market. For example, if you’re a CPA or an Accountant, you should say what you do differently from others in the market. This can help cut through the clutter.

#5 Your Customers Can Make Educated Decisions

People who attend your webinars know what value you can add to them. Hence you have a more educated audience who have clear expectations. This will result in less unhappy customers, no or fewer refund requests (if your business offers any) and improved social media reviews, etc. 

No one wants to sign up the wrong client and later face challenges with them. Using webinars will help eliminate those challenges.

If you have been using webinars for your business, leave a comment below and let us know how it is working for you. If you need any help in getting started or implementing any of the strategies, drop a comment below.

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