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Case Studies: Acupuncture in Kelowna

Today is going to be another case study, where we’ll talk about what we did for Acupuncture in Kelowna. We’ll share our impact on them and what happened when she discontinued working with us.

Today is going to be another case study, where we’ll talk about what we did for Acupuncture in Kelowna. We’ll share our impact on them and what happened when she discontinued working with us.

So, this client came to us, and they were with us for about a year, during COVID. And we did a lot of things. We did Google ads, Facebook ads, and SEO. We optimized her website.

Unfortunately, when we started working with her, she didn’t have Google Analytics set up. So, we don’t have any data to really show us the impact that we’ve made year over year. (FYI: I always like to look at year over year to rule out seasonality.)

So, looking at our analytics, in April of 2021, we ran a really strong Facebook campaign to a blog specific about liver toxicity and then detoxifying using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to detoxify.

It was insanely popular. She got a huge amount of inquiries about it. But over time, it fatigued. All things considered, we couldn’t keep running it. We could only run it in a small area and had to pivot into other content.

That’s when things started to pop down. So, we shifted and started working on some of her SEO. But there are various reasons why things go down. It’s hard to say if there was seasonality, given that we didn’t have data from the previous years. The code on her website was also outdated, and it was having a negative impact on her SEO. To counter this, we rebuilt it on Elementor and Hello Theme.

Some of the things we did on her website, we created a button up top. We added the Google Star, which actually pulls reviews from her Google My Business. We cleaned up her pop-up and made it load faster. We also made little improvements like phone numbers being clickable and the booking appointment going directly to Jane App. We also set up tracking. Those are the kinds of things that we did to optimize the website to improve conversion rates.

We didn’t start doing SEO right away. But when we did, we got some movement. For paid search, we won’t dive into the details of the analytics because it’s variable depending on what we’re doing in the ad platform. You can’t really compare as there are too many variables.

Screen Shot 2022 09 28 at 1.03.38 PM

By February, she discontinued services. You can see in the graph above that it kind of flatlined. Full disclosure, she discontinued partly because of financials and other reasons. One of these reasons was that they were already booked out and couldn’t hire anybody else. So they didn’t see the point to continue paying for marketing, which I understand since there was no one to take in the new patients.

So, looking back, she was with us last year, but she isn’t now. Month over month, you can see her organic traffic has dropped. And the goals, which in this case are people calling for clicking to Jane App to book an appointment, are also down.

The moral of the story is one, we can create an impact. But then the downfall is when you discontinue. I don’t really care who you’re working with because that’s not the business I’m in. But I do have your best interests at heart, and I advise you to still do some marketing. It doesn’t have to be paid advertising, but you should be doing marketing to make sure that you’re still getting exposure and reach.

Also, talk to your marketing agency. With us, there are various ways we can lower our fees but still have an impact. The difference between $500 a month and $1,500 a month in SEO is speed. It’s usually what it is. It’s how many hours we’re putting towards it.

So hopefully, that gives you some context of why I always recommend to keep doing marketing. Even if it’s just having somebody you trust to do it. It’s really easy to take SEO. If you don’t want to pay someone to set up Facebook ads, that’s fine. But at least boost, you know, $5 a day. It’s not going to hurt.

Speaking of Facebook, you only reach 5% of your followers for your Facebook page. You’re never going to reach people outside your Facebook page. So posting organically on Facebook, it’s almost a waste of time. Just boost it. Just do it. And that’s how you’re going to reach new people.

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Instagram has a little bit different algorithm as well. They changed it so much that reels is all about entertainment now. The reach is almost impossible, and even if you do, the reach you’ll get is not necessarily local.

What I see is huge organic local traffic and reach on TikTok. Their algorithm focuses local, so I recommend that if you’re going to be creating videos or anything, throw them on TikTok. You’ll probably reach your audience a little better than you will with Instagram right now. That’s my personal perspective.

Finally, optimize your Google My Business, Google Ads, and website. Those are all the things to consider to improve conversion rates.

If you may have any questions, talk to us. Leave a comment on our socials or email us. We do check them and we will reply as soon as we can. Thanks for reading!

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