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Common Google My Business Profile Mistakes

Common Mistakes Clinics Are Making With Their Google My Business Profile

What are some of the most typical mistakes people make with their Google My Business profiles? 

Optimizing your Google Business Profile can help you get the most out of it. It’s a tool that assists business owners in managing their internet presence and standing out on Google. Google My Business has always been significant because it is typically the first thing customers see when searching for your business.

Some people, however, make mistakes with their Google My Business profile, causing their company to fall to the bottom of the search results and become unranked. Let’s track down those common mistakes and learn from them.

1. Improper use of the business name

The first mistake that we’re talking about is the improper use of the business name.  Your Google My Business Name must be consistent across the internet. Everything boils down to Google’s algorithm and the robots sifting through it all. If Google notices any discrepancies, such as this name not being the same as this name, it will not correlate them and will place question marks on your profile.

2. Not updating your hours on a consistent basis

Mistake number two is failing to change your hours on a regular basis, especially during holidays. Google sends out notifications, particularly for national holidays, to remind you to alter your hours. It’s critical that you provide your company hours. If your business hours have changed, you must update your business page to reflect the new information.

Despite the fact that business hours are only one component of your profile, they are nevertheless important for optimizing your account. It’s extremely important to a user, but it also tells Google that you’re keeping your profile on the site up to date, which means you’re more likely to be shown in the math pack. As a result, you’ll need to keep your business hours up to date. Be consistent as well. Keeping your company hours up to date might help you reach a wider audience of potential customers.

3. Not listing your website at all.

The third mistake is either not listing your website at all, which is obviously a significant mistake or listing it incorrectly. If you have numerous office, clinical, or retail locations, it’s ideal to build a local page for each one, then link the website component to the comparable portion on your website. So, if you have a Burnaby location and a North Vancouver location, you’ll want to create two Google My Business accounts, which you can then link together on the back end. However, you should make sure that you link them to certain pages on your website.

4. Not Tracking Your Phone Clicks

Mistake number four, is the failure to track your phone clicks, not using CallRail, and this is a bit controversial, but this has nothing to do with your ranking. It’s more than just being able to track and attribute the proper calls. And it used to be that my company’s phone number on Google had to be yours. They’ve recently changed their opinions after learning that marketing organizations want to collect such data and pay attention to call quality, especially while implementing marketing campaigns.

If you aren’t tracking it and using a tracking number, you won’t know the details. You may monitor how many repeat customers you have by using a tracking number. Repeat customers are individuals who have visited your website before and then returned to Google My Business. You must ensure that the phone number is identifiable and trackable when we use our phones and click to call. As a result, you’ll be able to determine which of your marketing techniques is effective.

5. Not Updating the photos on your website

The fifth common mistake is failing to update the photos on your website. Images may enhance the user experience and make key information easier to understand. Updating and adding photos to your website on a regular basis is crucial for a positive consumer experience. If this is improved, visitors will be more likely to stay on your website, which might mean a higher chance of converting an inquiry or sale!

6. Using the wrong category/ categories.

The sixth error is that you’re using the incorrect category slash categories. And it’s critical that your main category is the major service for which you want to rank. So, depending on how your clinic is built up, if you’re a multi-disciplined clinic, you’ll have to determine whether you want to focus more on a Wellness Center kind of keyword, physiotherapy, or chiropractic. It’s quite significant. 

Then there’s the matter of distinction. As a result, if you’re an attorney, you’ll be a part of the legal system of attorney law firms. You’ll also have to decide which one you want to rank for the most. It can sometimes be determined by looking at your top competitor and figuring out what they want to rank for and establishing a plan for it. If you’re unsure, meeting with and simply consulting with a marketing agency might assist you in determining your options.

7. No getting reviews

The seventh common mistake is neglecting to obtain reviews. It is critical to have or obtain reviews. Obtaining reviews is probably the most common thing people struggle with. Google My Business is a simple platform to optimize that pays off big time. But it’s really simply these little tweaks that could mean the difference between getting that map three-pack and not.

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