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Case Study: How We Increased Our Dermatologist Client’s Leads by 350%

It almost seems impossible to keep up with all the “tricks” and “trends” many self-proclaimed marketing gurus come up with. While we admit to the fact that digital marketing is ever-evolving, certain fundamentals of marketing remain the same.

In digital marketing, there are lots of new technologies and platforms that evolve every single day. However, 3 foundational steps are important regardless of the tactic one employs:

✔️ Finding the right audience for your products or services

✔️ Reaching the right audience with a message that speaks to them

✔️ Explaining to them the shift they can expect with your product or services

At Grow My Biz 123, Inc, our approach to digital marketing is always holistic. We don’t believe in getting a short quick win for you (which may possibly even harm you in the long run). We believe in creating sustainable and predictable results for your business. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how we got the below results for one of our dermatologist clients based in CA, USA. 

✔️ Increased conversions by 350%

✔️ Reduced the cost per conversion by 81%

✔️ Increased first-time calls by 14%

✔️ Increased Facebook Engagement by a whopping 691%

✔️ Increased their website traffic by 56%

Our approach to SEO

When we start working with a new client, our first step is to do a full SEO audit, which gives us a good understanding of where they currently are and what strategies we should adopt to take them to where they want to be. 

Our SEO audit always start with a website audit which includes checking

  • Indexing and crawlability of the website
  • Website Architecture
  • Internal Linking
  • 404 and 301 Redirects
  • URL length and keywords used in the URL
  • Broken Links
  • Broken Images
  • Empty Title Tags
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Too long titles
  • Blank and duplicate meta descriptions
  • Structured data

The next step is testing website speed by using some tools. This is to ensure fast loading time and avoid making people wait too long for the pages to load. Some of the tools we use are:

After optimizing the website and making sure it is good for user experience, we do these:

  • Work on off-page SEO
  • Analyze the Backlinks
  • Work on Local SEO (if applicable)
  • Do email outreach for the content we create
  • Analyze their competitor’s backlinks to look opportunities

Over a period of time, our goal is to optimize for all the keywords that are relevant to the business, until we get to the point where the client wants to be.

How We Increased Organic Traffic for The Dermatologist Client

Since this is a dermatologist client, their target audiences are men and women within a 25 km radius of their clinic. Google has a certain set of factors that they use to determine whether to display your business when people perform a “near me” search. This means you don’t need to worry about competing against clinics that are 3x larger than you.  If you’re closer to the searcher, you will appear higher in the 3Pack of local results.

With this client, one of the things we did was to ensure their business name, address and phone number are accurate across all websites where we can create a citation for them. We were working with a small budget and we had to be strategic with our efforts to get the most out for the client.

Below are some of the results for the last 30 days:
Increased Website Traffic by 56%

Increase First Time Calls by 14%

More visitors to the website will always equal more leads.  Just simple math. So more traffic = more callers. More callers will lead to more patients; again simple math.  

Our Approach to Google Ads

During our initial evaluation, we figured that Google Ads can get the best return on investment for this client. Exactly 12 months back, in March 2019, the client’s cost per conversion was $46.31 and, in a month, they used to get 12 conversions with an ad spend of $555.

Fast forward to today, they are getting 54 conversions with a cost per conversion of $8.67 and with an ad spend of $468.

A 350% Increase in Number of Conversions

Cost Per Conversion Reduced by 81%

How We Increased Their Facebook Engagement

Who doesn’t like their Facebook posts to get a lot of engagement? We carefully created social media posts, including copy and images, which resonates with their audience. If you create your posts that the audience will love, they will reciprocate by liking it, commenting on it, sharing it!

Here’s the 691% higher engagement.

Screenshot 2020 04 01 at 6.20.15 PM

If you would like to see how we can create similar results for you to grow your business, click below and feel free to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help answer your questions and steer you onto the right page for your personal circumstances.

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