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Case Study

Digital Dominance l Yaletown EyeCare

Project Info

This project centers around the comprehensive revamp of an optometry business’s website to enhance its online presence and drive business growth. Through strategic planning, meticulous content creation, and a dynamic marketing approach, the aim is to create an engaging, user-friendly website that effectively communicates the business’s services and values.

Project Scope

The project encompasses a range of activities, including:

*Website Revamp: Developing a new website layout and design that aligns with the optometry business’s brand identity and objectives

*Content Creation: Crafting compelling written content for various website pages to effectively convey the business’s services, expertise, and values.

*Sitemap Development: Defining a user-friendly sitemap structure that ensures easy navigation and content accessibility.

*Marketing Strategy: Formulating a comprehensive marketing plan to boost the business’s online visibility and engage the target audience.

*Visual Enhancements: Incorporating captivating images and graphics that resonate with the optometry business’s identity and appeal to the audience.

*Timeline Management: Establishing a feasible project timeline that ensures timely completion of each phase.

*Collaboration and Communication: Facilitating ongoing communication and collaboration between the client and project lead.


The project entails navigating challenges such as defining project success criteria, creating a realistic timeline, crafting an effective sitemap, integrating captivating visuals, aligning content with the brand, and initiating a dynamic marketing plan.

The Result

A compelling digital storefront that effectively communicates the 

optometry business’s services, values, and expertise.


Yaletown EyeCare

Start Date

July 2023


New Website

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Yaletown EyeCare, Doctors of Optometry


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