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Case Study

eCommerce | Boat Rentals

Project Info

This client is in collaboration with another agency.  We were brought in to assist with the paid media buying while the partner agency worked on marketing strategy, customer journey optimization and sales enablement.

The Challenge

This was a brand new business.  Invested many a dollar into boats and equipment and really needed sales to come in.


Not Disclosed due to NDA

Start Date

May 2022-July 2022


Paid Media

Share It

Our Approach

Setup Campaigns, locally and Nationally

There are 2 avatars for this client: 1) the traveller in research mode and 2) the traveller in his location (Florida Keys).

To reach both, we setup campaigns for everyone in the keys already and another campaign searching for “boat rentals florida keys” nationwide.

Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.

~  Neil Patel


ROAS 10:1

Tracking conversions and sales was pretty simple in the sense the client used a third party tool, Fareharbor, for all sales.  So once we integrated FH with Google Analytics, we were able to see the sales coming in.  

The other positive was the client hadn’t made any sales before starting with us.  

Within 2.5 months, we were able to generate $57,361 in sales.  The only sources of traffic within that time was paid traffic and Google My Business (also integrated with G.Ads.)

Unfortunately, the client decided to split ways after 2.5 months.  While the partnership ended amicably, we know, based on the second screenshot, that his sales went down as soon as the Google ads were turned off (58.91%).

Total Sales During Project

Screen Shot 2022 07 28 at 08.57.06

eCommerce Sales: Before & After Google Ads

Screen Shot 2022 07 28 at 08.56.52
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