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Case Study

eCommerce | Speciality Photography Gear

Project Info

This client is in collaboration with another agency.  We were brought in to assist with the paid media buying while the partner agency worked on marketing strategy, customer journey optimization and sales enablement.

The Challenge

This is a worldwide company, so we were no longer restricted by geographical limitations.

The problem with this is determining which countries are most profitable, and those that are not.  

This adds an additional layer to campaign management and we must rely on the algorithms to really perform.  


Not Disclosed

Start Date

January 2019


Paid Media

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Our Approach

Build Campaigns For Each Step Of The Customer Journey

With a product that is unparalleled on the marketplace, there is an advantage to marketing because curiosity attracts potential buyers.

So understanding the customer journey, we built campaigns for TOFU, MOFU and BOFU to connect with buyers where they were at.

For example: TOFU campaigns really showcase the end result: amazing images in challenging environments.  And BOFU campaigns focused on the product itself, to get anyone who had added to cart to purchase.


Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.

~  Neil Patel


Consistent ROAS 5x

We joined the team midway of campaign management.   Our objective was to keep content fresh for our campaigns and explore new opportunities (i.e. Youtube Ads) to bring in additional sales.  


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