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Case Study

eCommerce | Wedding Dresses

Project Info

This client is in collaboration with another agency.  We were brought in to assist with the social media marketing while the partner agency worked on marketing strategy, customer journey optimization and sales enablement.

The Challenge

Organic reach on platforms has dropped significantly in the last 7 years, notably on Facebook.  So our strategy involved working within the current algorithms while maintaining brand presence.  


Private due to NDA.

Start Date

August 2021


Social Media Management

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Our Approach

Multimedia And Simplistic Design

The key to getting reach on social media is engaging content.  But that doesn’t mean all video.  Images can get as much engagement, and sometimes more, than videos.  

However, it’s also knowing the algorithms.  When Meta decided to compete with Tiktok with Instagram Reels we had to pivot and start producing 15sec videos to get the reach.

We also included Pinterest in our strategy, as many new brides head to Pinterest for every element of their beautiful day.  

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

– Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist


From 0 to Hero

Getting traction is hard.  But we were able to grow his organic followers with time and consistency.  


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