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Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change: How it Affects Fitness Groups

Facebook is a place where we connect with friends, read news, sell items, and so much more. In fact, many of us use this platform on a daily basis. While there are many popular areas of the site, Facebook Groups is near the top of the list. This is where almost anyone is able to form a group and gain a following. While many different types of groups have been formed on Facebook, health and fitness groups are among the most popular. However, to provide a better community for everyone, Facebook has implemented some recent changes regarding these groups; which include:

  • If a Facebook group is removed for violating the site’s policies, then its members and administrators won’t be able to create new groups for a certain period of time.
  • Health groups will no longer display in the recommendation’ section

Why the Change?

As Facebook continues to make adjustments to provide a safe environment for everyone, these changes were needed. The primary concern involved the spread of misinformation and other negative content throughout many groups on the platform. While the overall goal is to supply users with accurate information, this change was necessary. However, people are still able to invite friends to health to and fitness groups, or search for them, but they are no longer able to grow their following via recommendations.

How Does this Impact Fitness Groups?

Before the change, Facebook groups would be recommended to relevant users, even if these groups were spreading false information or conspiracies. Due to the recent algorithm change, these health and fitness groups will no longer be recommended. So what does this mean for legitimate health and fitness groups?

Decrease in Exposure

These groups have always relied on the recommendation feature to grow their following. But due to the recent change, these groups may see a decrease in new users and followers. This will cause group administrators to rethink their approach and find innovative ways to gain exposure.

Change of Strategy

These changes mean that these groups are forced to change their strategy for gaining new customers. Administrators should now rely on marketing tactics and unique ways for growing their brand.

Higher Level of Policing

Facebook has long been criticized for having groups that have been linked to misinformation, harassment, and even threats of violence. Due to these recent changes, it’s obvious that Facebook is trying to do more to stop this harmful content and promote accurate information from authoritative sources.

Tips for Gaining Exposure

So, you may now be wondering how in the world you can grow your following due these recent changes. Check out these tips below:

  • Invite Relevant Users

While this may take a bit of effort, one approach is to constantly invite Facebook users to your page. To do this effectively, think about your target audience and only invite people who seem to fit that demographic. But make sure not to overdo it – nobody likes spam.

  • Provide Valuable Content

Most users will only follow your page if they believe it provides valuable content. That being said, be sure to focus on supplying informative and engaging content at all times.

  • Ask Fans to Help Gain Exposure

If your group has some serious, dedicated fans, then chances are they can help you boost exposure. Ask them to invite their friends and also encourage them to post a few status updates promoting your brand. You may even offer them a discount or special deal if they help in this regard.

  • Create a theme

No matter what type of health or fitness group you create, you want it to have a theme. From the pictures you post to the messaging you provide every piece of content should have a similar tone and style. This could make your brand more authoritative, relevant, and unique.

Although these recent changes can make it more difficult to grow your following and promote your fitness brand, these adjustments are intended to provide a safer, more valuable online community for everyone.

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