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Digital Dominance | Garibaldi Eye Clinic


Since launching the website, Garibaldi Eye Care has had wonderful success in the community of Squamish.  As with any new business launching, it hasn’t been without bumps on the road, but through strategic planning and full digital marketing plan they are well on their way to the road of long term success.

So what did we do?

  • Google Ads: We utilized the small nature of Squamish to setup Google ads and get GEC right to the top of the search page immediately.  This was a huge contributor to bringing in first time phone calls and new patients.
    • Main Keyword: optometrist in squamish
    • Monthly Budget: $400
    • CPL: < $10
  • SEO: SEO is a game that in today’s marketing environment you can’t ignore.  Why? Well, once it’s setup properly, it’s free traffic.  But also, if you run Google Ads, the rankings of your pillar content has an impact on your quality scores and ad rank.  We suspected this for years but Google only acknowledged this is the case in 2021.
  • Social Advertising: We implemented small campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, focusing on Brand Awareness only.  Our intention was to use the low CPM of a brand campaign on the Meta Platform to get in front of as many people as possible, as cheaply as possible.

Overall, Dr. Baker & Dr. Mah are very happy with how their first year or business turned out.  We are so happy for them and honoured to be part of this journey.


Client: Garibaldi Eye Clinic

Location: Squamish, BC

Objective: Website design and launch marketing activities.

What we did: As with all websites, navigation is key. For a clinic, more importantly is to show services offered, hours the clinic is open and an easy way to book online. 

In addition to the clean and easy to navigate website design, we implemented a strategic SEO strategy, optimizing the website for search keywords in the eye care industry for the Squamish Valley. Initial optimizations were done and regular updates have been scheduled. 

The result: An aesthetically pleasing website, with easy navigation and well optimized for search. These were delivered and the client was pleased.

Garibaldi Eye Care
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