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Google My Business

Google My Business: An Overview for Allied Health Professionals


What is Google My Business?

How does it help Allied Health Professionals?

Searching for a service or business in the Google browser will display the Google 3-Pack.

 Google 3-Pack

The Google 3-Pack is how Google displays the top results for a local business search. Google considers three local businesses to be sufficiently relevant, prominent, and close in proximity to the user. The results include a map of the three Google Business Profile listings.

Right there, you can see everything related to Google My Business. This is where you list your services, your hours, and your location.

When I search for Optometrists in Squamish, it brings up those businesses that have registered in Google My Business, and if you do not register, your business will not appear.

Importance Of Location

When someone searches for an Optometrist, this is probably what they will click on 65 to 70% of the time. First, they’ll want to know where you are located because they’re going to pick something near either school, work, or their homes.

Importance of Reviews

Your reviews are very important on Google My Business. Garibaldi Eye Care is one of our clients, he ranked second simply because Optomeyes Eye Care had more reviews. They have 265 reviews compared to 28. It is most likely that you will stay at the top if you have more reviews. Google My Business is meant to help you with that.

How to set it up?

So to get started, you just go to Sign in with your Gmail account and put all the information that is being asked. Then they’re going to need you to verify your business location. Usually, it’s through a postcard that you send in the mail, like snail mail, and then you verify it, and then you can start to optimize it.

So that’s how you get started. If you don’t have it set up, you’re losing a shit ton of website traffic calls, because people will call directly from Google My Business, especially on mobile phones. And you can see that in the metrics, and you’re losing a ton of business going to your competitors if you don’t actually have it set up. 

Google My Business is where people go now. Most people who are looking for an in-person service are going to be looking near their home. And Google knows where we live based on our search query or our IP, so they’re going to show results that are going to be the most relevant, and when it comes to in-person clinician services, that’s gonna be closest to our home, our work or our IP. 

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