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Google My Business: What Do You Do To Get Started?


Google My Business: What Do You Do To Get Started

Once you’ve verified your Google My Business, what do you need to do to get started? 

In the prior episode, I talked about how to get started on Google My Business — in the sense of setting it up, getting your verification code, and seeing the verified sign. But it can be really overwhelming when you get into your Google My Business. Where do I start? The first thing I say is to start with Info.

PRO TIP: You want to make sure your business information is correct. The key is to make sure your business information (address, contact details, and company name) is the same across everything: across the entire web, the same on your website, and any directories like BBB, yellow pages, and Google My Business.


Choose the correct category. You can add a primary, secondary, and even tertiary category, but it’s essential to choose the right categories that you want to rank for.

Service Area

For most clinics where you need the patient to come to you, the service area is not going to be important as this is for businesses that do home visits and home repairs.

Hours of operation, special holidays, phone numbers, and appointment links

These are all pretty self-explanatory, and you can fill these up with correct details as you go along.

Products and Services

You want to make sure you add all the services you want to rank for. Then, any service or treatment that you provide, you can add to the primary category and so on. For the products line, generally, this doesn’t apply to clinics. It’s the services that really matter.

Accessibility and other details

Accessibility is also super important, so make sure to fill that out. For amenities, crowd, and health and safety details, you can skip as this actually doesn’t move the needle very much.

Business Description

The business description is optional. It won’t significantly impact, but it could affect people clicking through. The opening date, however, is usually isn’t important. 

Photos and Videos

Adding photos is usually one of the things that most clinics skip. But photos are important. 

PRO TIP: Photos are important. When photos show up, Google and your audience like that. Anything that the user will click on, Google will support it because it’s part of the user experience. 

When photos show up, Google and your audience like that. Anything that the user will click on, Google will support it because it’s part of the user experience. So, if you have wonderful photos: photos of the team, clinic, services, etc. — all those kinds of things that people want to see, include it. It’s super, super important too.

You can also add videos, team members and even create your own categories. They even now have a product editor, so you can really customize this for the best user experience.

Other details

On the right-hand side, you can see advertising minutes. But, again, it’s just Google promoting Google ads: you’re not closing it; you’re optimizing it.

Store codes only work if you have multiple locations. Labels can be something you can use internally. Google Ads phone is also not important unless you’re doing track.

And that’s the majority of how to get started with your Google My Business! Tune in next week as we’re going to talk about posts, touch on reviews and the messages and calls, and how important that is. See you next week and have a great day!

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