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Grow Your Fitness Studio: Tactic #1

“Why should I listen to you?

When it comes to promotion, that’s the question your prospects are going to be asking.

You probably have an answer, right? “Because I know what I’m talking about when it comes to personal fitness.”

Okay, we believe you. But they don’t. They are inundated with offers and trials and advertisements twenty-four hours a day, and you need something that proves you’re not just making hollow promises.

Here’s how we can prove to our prospects that we walk the walk: Fast, dense, useful information.

Here’s how we can do that in the fitness industry: A guide on the hardest part of the process, getting started.

Write A Guide That Works

The goal is not just to tease your readers, but to deliver results.

The guide has to be useful in its own right, communicating to your readers everything they need to know in order to develop the right habits to meet their fitness goals. You want to take people who would never in a million years join a fitness studio, and transform them into people who absolutely need a fitness studio in order to continue pursuing their goals.

If using your guide has them seeing results, then you’ve earned their trust. They’ll know that your advice works because they can feel it every time they lift a gallon of milk without grunting. They’re going to subscribe to your emails and follow you on Facebook because you gave them some useful information, not because you withheld it.

What Should The Guide Cover?

Every fitness studio is different. Maybe you’re focused on strength training, or maybe the aerobics classes are the star of the show. Your guide needs to be focused on whatever it is that sets your studio apart, but there are a few things that every guide should cover:

  • Proper warm-up, stretching and cool-down techniques. This is where a lot of beginners quit. We go full-throttle on day one without any warm-up, stretching or cool-down. The next day we can barely move, so we give up. Don’t lose your prospects to soreness.
  • Easy stuff. Say you teach boxing. You’re not going to show a new student how to rope-a-dope on day one. But you can show them some jabs and footwork, routines they can do at home. Your prospects are looking for something that they can do right now.
  • How to find the time. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks. We tend to think that our fitness goals are going to have us putting in part-time job hours. The truth is that even fifteen minutes of exercise a day is going to do a lot more for your body than zero minutes of exercise a day. But your prospects might not know that if you don’t tell them.

Turning Readers Into Subscribers Into Customers

As a tool for driving subscription, your guide is going to do most of the heavy lifting here, but your readers may need a little nudge in the right direction.

End on a Call-to-Action: The contents of your guide will build the case for clicking the subscribe button, but there’s a little bit of marketing-psychology magic in actually asking them to click the subscribe button. That’s why Youtubers always end with a reminder to like, share, comment and subscribe.

Make it Easy: Don’t hide your subscription button six pages deep. Put it right where everyone can see it. This is why we have those Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons.

Send an Invite: If someone likes a post of yours on Facebook, you can send them an invite to follow. Other platforms have similar features, and it can make all the difference in the world.

If you can provide useful information for people who need it, a how-to guide can be one of the very best conversion tools available. Keep it fast, keep it tight, make it useful, and let your readers know that there’s more where that came from.

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