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How To Set A Cap To Class Offerings

Setting up recurring classes with limited spots using Studio Connect is simple. To begin, head to your Calendar Settings and ensure you have a group dedicated to group classes already set up.

group classes


While this may already be partially set up in your account, the collective booking feature is still under development. Therefore, for the time being, you’ll need to create a separate class for each instructor.

calendar booking


When creating a class, add a meeting location and description.

calendar booking1

In the availability section, specify the class duration, maximum number of attendees, and minimum scheduling duration. It’s also a good idea to limit bookings to one hour prior to the class start time and allow bookings up to 31 days in advance. You can also set up recurring appointments for one-on-one sessions and customize the confirmation form.

calendar booking2

Use acknowledgment messages or create a custom “Thank you” message.

calendar booking3

Once your classes are set up, you can control the number of attendees for each class. Here’s an example of what it will look like:

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