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Main marketing objectives were:

Create and develop a website for brand awareness
Generate leads through organic traffic


Develop a conversion optimized website
Generate traffic and leads through the website through SEO

Why Electricians Need A Website

Having a busy day with clients and being popular with the neighbors are tell tale signs an electrician is having a field day with his clients. However, how much of the business is he/she getting from returning customers and how much of it comes from entirely new customers?

Today, 85% of customers find solutions to a service need online. And electricians are not left out of this mix. So if one’s website is non-existent, there goes out the 85% chance of getting potential customers. 

Nowadays, especially with the new restrictions in place around the world, getting a website for an electrician business is as important as the business itself. Being online is the new normal, electrical contractors with websites extend their reach to audiences that search for their services within a local community or even a city. 

More eyeballs on the business technically increases the chances of getting more customers. And that, we believe, is every business owner’s goal. 

Even more, client testimonials, references, samples and license information are factors that potential customers lookout for before they make a hire. With a website, it is easy to house this information and more. An electrician can easily showcase finished works, client’s feedback or even have an appointment scheduler right from the website. Making it super easy for any to assess, judge and make a decision within minutes. 

Case Study Results with our Electrician Client

When the client’s signed up and wanted a website, they had a limited budget. That’s why we decided to create a small website to start and continue doing SEO on a monthly basis. Our game plan was to create the additional service pages that we weren’t able to create at the start due to budget constraints. We created one page every month to target the other services of the client and still continue to do so.

Slowly we are gaining traction and creating visibility for the client that wasn’t possible before with no website and seo.

Right now, they’re consistently getting traffic in an area in Canada that has very low search volume. We are ranking for keywords while working with a limited budget.

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