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Video Marketing

Psychology Behind A Good Sales Video

Video sales letters are one of my favorite things to do. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I’ve developed a system for it that has served me well. The use of AI tools has made it much easier to create the script, but the question remains: what compels someone to watch a video?


To engage the viewer, you must first capture their attention in the first three seconds and then encourage them to take action. Achieving this requires strategy and an understanding of psychology.


When it comes to writing any sales letter or marketing communication, there is a process to follow. I use the PASTOR method, which I learned from Ray Edwards while working in digital marketing. The acronym stands for Problem, Agitate, Solve Testimonials, Offer, and Review. This process can be applied to almost anything.

Ray Edwards' PASTOR Process

I have a template for video sales scripts that I use to help drive the process.

Youtube Video Script Process

Grab their Attention within Three Seconds


The biggest challenge with video sales letters is grabbing the viewer’s attention within the first three seconds, especially on social media platforms. Viewers are accustomed to scrolling and moving on quickly. To accomplish this, you need to be creative, emotionally captivating, and address their current problem. Here is an example video that we did for our client. 

Aggravate the Problem


Once you’ve captured the viewer’s attention, you want to identify their problem and aggravate it. While there is no one right way to do this, you need to show that you understand where they’re coming from.


Present the Solution


The next step is to present the solution. You can start by asking what will happen if they don’t make a change, and then introduce your solution. It doesn’t have to be just about you; it can also be a bigger picture that outlines the customer journey from being unaware of their problem to knowing they have one but not knowing the solution. At this point, you should also establish your authority and explain why you’re the only one who can provide this solution.


Make an Offer


After establishing your authority, it’s time to make your offer. Your offer doesn’t have to be a promotion for your biggest product; it can simply be the next step in the customer journey. For example, in Jocelyn’s case, we wanted viewers to book a discovery call where they could receive a workbook. After the call, we would follow up with them and keep the conversation going. The goal is to get them to take the next step.



So that’s a comprehensive breakdown of how to write a video sales letter. Whether you choose to hire someone to edit your video or do it yourself, the most important thing is to get started. Video sales letters can be an effective way to push customers down the customer journey.

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