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6 Reasons You Need to ‘Write Content’ at Least Once Per Month

I have had many people ask me, “Is Blogging Dead”? Blogging isn’t dead, but it certainly is different from the blogs we had a decade back.

Businesses who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve a long-term positive ROI on their efforts. But how does ‘blogging’ and writing content fit into a holistic marketing plan for service-based professionals such as an accountant or attorney?

Let’s dive into the 6 reasons why you need to write content and be blogging:

Reason #1 to be blogging in 2020: Google Likes It!  

Google still uses a factor called ‘freshness’ as an indicator of the relevance of a website. The more often a website is updated, the better the chances are that your website can rank better and higher in Google. 

Now, this does not mean that you will have to update the website each day. As long as you are updating your website with fresh content which is relevant to your audience, you have more chances to rank higher.

Reason #2: Rank for long-tail keywords

Of course, you have your website optimized for the significant keywords like “attorney in San Diego” or “estate planning Austin,” but what about the longer tailed searches? Topics like “How long does it take to file an appeal?’ “What’s involved in filing an appeal?”.  

Your long-tail keyword is perfect for audiences who are in the consideration stage or people who are looking for information. If you can answer their burning questions, they may call or email you. Creating informative content for the long-tail keyword is vital and will help your business rankings in the long run.

Another benefit is, if your marketing agency is doing your SEO well, they will cross-links within blogs.

Reason #3: Blogs establish You As An Authority

How can you stand out from all the other accountants/financial advisors/attorneys in your city? How can you establish yourself as an authority? 

Well, content has always been “king” for this reason. If you post great blogs that solve the pain points of your audience, there’s a high chance that the readers will convert to clients at a particular stage. For instance, if someone is looking for an Estate Planning Attorney in Vancouver, the seeking/consideration stage, and they come across your Blog and find it informative, they may contact you to do their Estate Planning.

Reason #4: Gives your team/marketing partners content for social media

We LOVE syndicating content to all internet platforms. Here is an example.

One of my clients posts a 700-word blog every month. We then take the content and images of that blog and create social media posts for them which drives traffic from their social media to their website. If a Blog is about “Five reasons you should do estate planning”, one of the social media posts would be about the 1st way of planning with a Read-More link to the website to read the rest of the post.  Most people will click on the link to read the rest of the blog.

With 700-word blog posts, our team can create an entire month’s worth of social media, email newsletters, and even podcasts. And, of course, also using all the other available platforms to drive traffic back to your website to reinforce your authority and brand.  

Reason #5: Start Conversations

If you are an attorney or in the finance industry, your audience will have a ton of questions when it comes to financing or law. When you have an engaging blog post, they may ask questions, and that is your chance to deliver value and get them on the phone or drop into your office.

Have the comments turned on for your blogs allowing people to start conversations. You don’t have to reply to all the comments though. You could assign a junior team member to respond on the company’s behalf. Engage in conversations, as that will take your audience further in their journey with you.

Reason #6: Build an email list to engage potential clients

Once you have people engaging with you via social media, and reading your content/blog, there is a good chance that they will subscribe to your email list. Once they have subscribed, you should send at least one newsletter a month to keep them engaged.

Being in people’s inbox helps to stay on their mind, and when they or someone they know have a need, they may contact you first.  

These are the 6 reasons why Blogging is not dead and how it can give you a positive ROI. Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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