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6 Red Flags You Need To Be Aware Of When Hiring An Agency

Hiring the right digital marketing agency takes some effort, research, and homework on your part. Especially as a small business owner, you want to make sure you chose an agency wisely.

You want to make sure that the agency you’re hiring is the right fit for your business and will give you a good ROI. Ultimately, you hire an agency if you want to grow, right? Well, a strategic marketing agency can take your business to the next level.

As rightly said, one size does not fit all. There is no one marketing plan, which works for all businesses. Your marketing agency should be your trusted business partner, who can make sure you have a noteworthy online presence with customized marketing.

After a bit of looking around, you may think you have found an agency that will work for your business needs. But know that there could be red flags that you will have trouble down the road. Below are some of the things you should be very careful of while choosing your digital marketing agency.

#1 Lack of Transparency and Sharing Data

There are many agencies that provide pay-per-click (PPC) services like Google Ads and Facebook Ads because they can often be used to achieve results for clients quickly. Likewise, if a business wants results via PPC and they do not have the expertise in-house, it is enticing to hire an agency to do the PPC campaigns for them.

However, there are many agencies that do not provide reports of monthly ad spend and the results. They may think it is too time-consuming and an additional task for them but not sharing the ad spend and sharing data of return on ad spend (ROAS) is a big no-no. In fact, it is a violation of both Google’s and Facebook’s advertising policy. Sending a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly report holds the agency accountable and pushes them to exceed client expectations.  Not to mention makes them compliant advertisers on these platforms.

#2 Secret Formula for Success
Some agencies may tell you they have a “secret formula” for success. Doesn’t it sound weird?

Know that to get you results, they will be using the same standard strategies, which are currently working for many advertisers. There is no magic wand that will change things instantly. You are entitled to ask as many questions as you have, but be sure that you know the exact strategies they are using to get you results.

#3 Promising Insanely Great Results
If you are promised that your website will rank #1 in Google in no time: Hello Red Flag!

Can a marketing agency rank your website on the first page or even in the first slot on the first page?

Absolutely (someone has to be in that spot) — but a good agency will never guarantee it.

If you are made such a high promise about SEO or paid ads (or anything for that matter), you must ask pointed questions about how they’ll do it. Make sure they don’t intend to resort to black hat (illegal) tactics, as that will cost you in long term.

#4 Moving Your Domain to their Servers

Some agencies might ask you to move your domain to their servers, but this is another red flag for you. By moving your domain to their servers, you are losing control of your assets. You should always have full charge of your domain.

Many agencies, including ours, will host your website on our servers.  This is simply because it’s easier to maintain it. But there should be a clause in the contract that explains what happens to your website should the parties go separate ways.

#5 Agency without Liability Insurance

Always ask if the marketing agency has Liability Insurance for their business. Liability insurance ensures that should the agency make a mistake, and let’s be honest – mistakes happen, that poses your business in a poor light or causes you to lose revenues, that they are covered.  It’s more a protection on them, in case a client seeks legal action, but it’s also a sign of professionalism and commitment to service.

#6 Not Providing Terms and Conditions With The Contract
The digital marketing agency must provide you with terms and conditions of services, along with the contract that both parties sign.  While they aren’t required or legally mandatory, terms and conditions are extremely beneficial for both parties. Terms and conditions essentially allow you to terminate the contract if the other party fails to abide by such terms and conditions

It also sets expectations straight and clear right from the get-go.  Honest, transparent agencies will have no problems providing you with a written agreement.

We hope these 6 tips help you to pick the right digital marketing agency to take your business to next level.

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