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eCommerce | ROOTSandBLUES Music Festival

The main goal for this client’s website was to communicate directly with their customers as if they were physically speaking with them. That involved showing a lot of activities in pictures, videos and some text. How do we do this and still retain the seamless nature of the website?

We knew we needed to redesign asap! And thus, started our journey to what you can see here: Roots and Blues

Who Are They?

The Salmon Arm Folk Music Society is a non-profit organization that presents the annual Roots and Blues Festival in the third week of every August.

Why is a smooth website important to them?

The client wanted to make it easy for users to find information on their website. As events approach and communications about each event roll out, there can be a lot of information. They wanted simple questions like “what camping facilities are available” be answered from a few clicks away from our home page. To this end, we have ensured that all frequently asked questions have pages that address them from resource links directly on the home page.

For Salmon Arm Folk Music Society, a smooth website design puts the most important info first. One that makes sure that visitors get the point of the visit even if they don’t take their time to scroll down the entire site. That’s clean in the sense that it doesn’t muddy up your customers first impression with anything that doesn’t matter.





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