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Case Study

SEO | Private Leasing

Project Info

This client came to us to improve their online presence, in partnership with another agency.  

The Challenge

No prior SEO had been done on the site.  So while it was a fresh start, there was a lot of lost opportunity.  The client did a new website launch in the fall of 2021 and that helped significantly to their SEO but there was still many untouched opportunities.  

In addition, this was national SEO, vs local SEO.  So the competition is fierce and difficult to rank.


Not Disclosed Due To NDA

Start Date

January 2022 – Present


Search Engine Optimzation

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Our Approach

Full Scale SEO Attack

This is a challenging account.  National SEO increases the competition drastically.  So our approach was to focus on long tail keywords to increase their website traffic.  

Tactics Employed

If you don’t have a long-tail SEO strategy, you’re missing out.

~  Aleh Barysevich


Organic Traffic up 12% YOY

Completing the on page seo, which took about 2 months due to the size of the site, was a huge contributing factor to the change in rankings and increase in organic traffic.  

Once we got the on-page SEO completed, we worked directly with the client to create new content (pages & blogs) to improve our rankings for our money keywords.  

Ranking Growth 30 Days Prior

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