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Case Study

SEO | TigHitCo

Project Info

This client came to us to improve their online presence.  

The Challenge

No prior SEO had been done on the site.  So while it was a fresh start, there was a lot of lost opportunity


Start Date

May 2022 – Present


Search Engine Optimzation

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Our Approach

Full Scale SEO Attack

This is a challenging account.  Many of the target customers don’t actually use Google to find them.  It’s through word of mouth or federal contracts.  So finding search terms to rank for is a bit of a needle in a haystack.


Tactics Employed

Impactful SEO is rarely executed by a lone wolf

~  Jes Scholz


Organic Traffic up 34% MOM

Completing the on page seo, which took about 2 months due to the size of the site, was a huge contributing factor to the change in rankings and increase in organic traffic.  

NOTE: The red rankings are to be expected for a site that is 1) competing on a national scale and 2) wasn’t ranking at all prior.  These red rankings will change as we develop more and more content and build appropriate high DR backlinks to the site.

Ranking Growth 30 Days Prior

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