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5 Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Law Firm

Using social media for your business can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy if it’s well-executed. According to the 2018 Social Media Marketing Survey Report, produced by Attorney at Work, 93 percent of respondents used social media, and 71 percent reported that social media was a source of new business. However, there isn’t one secret formula for success — some law firms might do well on one platform, while others get more engagement on another. You need to research your target audience, test different channels, set goals and measure the results. With that in mind, here are five benefits of social media for business.

Generate Awareness

As a legal professional, a key marketing objective is to build top-of-mind awareness with potential clients and referral sources. You want to be the go-to lawyer when someone has a problem in your area. Use social media to grow your business by creating brand awareness and increasing your visibility across different platforms your audience use, such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

Enlist Engagement

Social media is a useful tool for staying informed about what is happening with clients and contacts in your network. You can share information about what is happening in your practice, expand your professional network, and build an online rapport with colleagues and people in your community.

Prospective clients also use social media as a supplemental channel to research your firm, view your online reputation, and get a sense of your general attitude. They might reach out to get more information about your services. By engaging promptly with prospective clients who reach out to you on social media, you give the impression you will provide quick and reliable service offline. Studies show that people who receive a response to their questions on social media are more likely to become a customer and to recommend that brand or business to others.

Elicit Conversions (Calls or Form Submissions)

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook allow people to submit forms or call your law firm directly from the platform, using their computer, phone, or other mobile devices. This can increase lead rates since it reduces the number of steps potential clients must complete to contact you. For example, Facebook lead form ads include a call-to-action that opens a form pre-populated with the user’s information.

Content for Current & Past Clients to Advocate for You

Social media is a valuable tool for helping ease concerns or answer questions your audience might have about your services. Use images and videos to show them how you work and include links to helpful blog posts on your website. If your target audience finds your content to be useful, informative or entertaining, they will share it with their own network. Ask for feedback from past and current clients and when possible, leverage user-generated content. For example, if someone writes you a great review or has a heart-warming story, ask if you can post it on your social channels. Thank people who share your content and recommend your firm online. As you gather data about what content resonates with your audience, periodically update and re-share successful posts.

Establish Yourself as the Authority

Build a reputation as an expert by writing high-quality answers to relevant questions people ask on social media. Write in a friendly, readable style and (if applicable) include a link to a helpful blog post you’ve previously written that offers a deeper understanding of the topic. Don’t fill your posts with legalistic language or aggressive self-promotion. Demonstrate that you are a leader in your field by sharing helpful content that will benefit your audience. The rise of fake news and misinformation on social media is another opportunity to establish yourself as an authority, through posting content that is vetted for accuracy and facilitating respectful discussion.

Your Social Media Partner

Grow My Biz 123, Inc is a digital marketing agency based in the Okanagan, BC, Canada. We work with law firms and can help you develop a marketing strategy to effectively use social media for your business and to drive more leads.

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