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5 Social Media Content Ideas For Law Firms

With the world in the current state that it is, now has never been a better time than ever to completely revamp your online marketing strategy to meet the needs of your potential audience. While you might feel that going online has made everything much more competitive amongst law firms, you would be surprised at all the strategies you have at your disposal to make effective digital marketing content that can generate new followers and convert them into new clients. In this article, we’ll go over a few of those strategies. 

Company News Announcements

Making sure you are updating your current followers on any news related to your company is the number one thing you should do. As these are the individuals that are the warmest leads, updating them with any company announcements should be a priority. By sharing that you are launching a new service or moving into a new location, you can keep your current followers in the loop and open up some dialogue on how these new changes will affect the relationship in a positive way. 

Promote Your Partners

Promoting your partners is a quick way to reach out to other audiences and “cross-pollinate” your offerings with their successes. Shouting out a company that your firm works with does two things in one post: it gets the attention of their followers by showing up on their feed which can result in free publicity while also keeps the relationship with your partner from going stale. While you shouldn’t necessarily count on it, your partner may even shout you out to the rest of their audience which might result in a greater reach and some of their clients coming to you. The network effect is an extremely powerful tool on social media and you will want to do everything you can to take advantage of it. 

Quick Tips and Advice

Advising potential partners on legal issues that they would find most useful never hurt anyone and it could end up helping them out in some kind of situation. Sharing useful tidbits could even get people curious about what you are talking about and lead them towards openly engaging with you by asking more questions. This open communication can lead to a conversation where you will then have the opportunity to market your services towards the individual that might be interested in working with you. However, you will want to add a disclaimer that the information you are posing is serving as pure information and not legal advice. 

Live Videos

Something that has taken the social media world by storm in the past few years has been the introduction of live video. Live video is a great way to showcase your prowess by analyzing case studies in real-time. What this does is show your potential clients how you go about solving a specific case. Instead of having them read a boring article that is essentially a write up about how you would go about defending an individual, the live video allows your audience to get a more personal feel about who you are as an attorney and how much you care about defending the client.

Live videos on YouTube and Instagram also serve as a real-time forum where potential clients can ask you questions in the comments section that you can answer for them live. In a world where in-person interactions are more difficult than ever, live video is an appropriate substitution that can keep the conversation going. Additionally, Instagram’s live video feature allows you to add a guest that can enhance the stream and make things more informative for individuals. 

Interconnect Your Social Media Audiences

Directing followers to a YouTube video from an Instagram or Facebook post is an easy way to get an audience on multiple channels. This is an extremely powerful way of marketing through social media as it utilizes a multichannel approach that keeps you and your firm at the top of mind whenever they switch from desktop to mobile or vice versa. Staying top of mind as a provider has a huge advantage when looking to funnel leads into partners. 

By being creative with social media content ideas, you can figure out ways of communicating with your potential audience that your competitors have not come up with. As some aspects of the profession deal with how comfortable your clients are around you, you can use social media to take away some of those barriers to communication. These five steps can prove to be a major step forward in growing and differentiating your practice from others.

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