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Case Study

Paid Traffic | BioHacking

Project Info

This client is in collaboration with another agency.  We were brought in to assist with the media buying while the partner agency worked on marketing strategy, customer journey optimization and sales enablement.

The client was not running campaigns when we came on board.  

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the product (biohacking) there are many limitations, thanks to the FDA, of what we can and can’t say; whom we can and can’t target etc.  

Keeping the campaigns running, bringing in quality leads while preventing the accounts from being shut down due to advertising policy and/or FDA suits is the primary challenge.


Private due to NDA.

Start Date

November 2019


Media Buying: Google ads & Facebook Ads

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Our Approach

Tread Carefully!

We had to be super careful with our language in copy. We couldn’t use the term “treatments” or “therapy” due to FDA regulations.  

So we focused on the benefits of the service instead:

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Vitality 
  • Etc

all without making promises (a big nono in the healthcare industry – one can not make any promises of “cures” etc).  

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.

– Jeff Eisenberg


Consistent Appointment Generation for 3+ years.

In 3+ years, we have yet (knock on wood) to have our campaigns shut down nor any lovely letters from the FDA about false claims.  

The client gets consistent appointments with the sales team.  These are discovery calls for all intensive purposes as the product price points start at $10k (i.e. it’s not a flash investment).

And the sales team has continued to grow and expand all the while we streamline the sales enablement process of the leads.  


Sales Per Week: ?


CPL: ?

*We honestly didn’t know when we started what the metrics were as this was a brand new campaign.


Appointments Per Week: 21

Appointment Booking Rate: 18.1%

Leads Per Week: 52

CPL: $64.31

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