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Case Study

Speciality Health - Brain:Eye Therapy

Project Info

This client is in collaboration with another agency.  We were brought in to assist with the media buying while the partner agency worked on marketing strategy, customer journey optimization and sales enablement.

The client was running campaigns when we came on board.  

The Challenge

The customer journey for this client isn’t linear.  There are many ways to become a SQL and opportunity, so tracking wasn’t black and white.  Thank you pages after optin were not going to cut it for this client.  

And without proper data to feed back into Google and Facebook, the campaigns and AI were not able to optimize for their ideal client.


Private due to NDA.

Start Date

February 2022


Media Buying: Google ads & Facebook Ads

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Our Approach

Burn The Bridges!

First thing we had to do was setup Hubspot to accurately track lifecycle stages and send that information back into Google and Facebook.  (Hubspot is the BEST at doing this in our opinion).

Once the sales team were trained on how to use Hubspot, when leads became SQL, opportunities and customers, that data was sent back into the platforms in real time.

We then rebuilt all the campaigns, telling Google and Facebook to find us more of these people.  

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

– Peter Drucker


More Customers For Similar Ad Spend!

We see this problem a lot – the client has campaigns running but the campaigns are not optimized.  By working together and setting up a tracking ecosystem that delivered in real time, we were able to optimize the campaigns quickly and efficiently. 


Sales Per Week: 20

ROAS: 0.45

CPL: $232


Sales Per Week: 35

ROAS: 26.48

CPL: $45

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