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Digital Dominance | The Piatchek Law Firm

Updated: May 2022

Piatchek Law Firm is based in Springfield, Missouri, and has been serving its local community for many years. They have highly experienced attorneys that are working hard to change the way that people think about lawyers – one client at a time. They offer a wide range of practice areas from Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts, Elder Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law and Divorce, Workers Compensation, Probate Law, Business Law, Corporations, and LLC, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and more.

Social Media: We do 3 posts weekly (12 posts a month) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build brand awareness and engagement. Currently, we are repurposing old content. It will be beneficial to have new content once the client gives the go signal.

Social Media Marketing: We do Facebook and Instagram Ads (daily) using the latest blog (and changes monthly) to build brand awareness and generate leads. For the past quarter (January 2022-March 2022), we have a consistent $0.60 – $0.70 cost per landing page views and a Frequency of 3 – 4 per month.


Monthly Newsletter: We send out a monthly newsletter using their blog posts through Constant Contact. For the past months, the client has not provided new content so we are repurposing the old blogs.



Piatchek Law Firm started working with us on May 2019 , before we started these were the biggest concerns they had.

  • Increased ad spend on Google without the return on investment
  • Decreased organic traffic, especially to one of his division sites
  • Needing 1 firm to handle multiple aspects of his digital marketing including: website maintenance, social media, authority building, SEO and online ads

Before we started SEO on their website, they were averaging anywhere from 1,100 to 1,500 monthly organic visits. Since January 2022, they’ve consistently averaged over 4,000 monthly organic visit and 600 – 700 conversions that includes form submissions and phone calls.

What actions steps did we take to achieve our results?

  • Complete full website audit to identify all problems from site speed, internal linking, on page optimization, and content optimization.
  • We worked with the client to identify the services he wanted to focus on ranking.
  • We did our keyword research and created a content plan; this is to identify the pages we needed to prioritize, and the changes needed to get them to rank.
  • We worked on each page and made the necessary adjustments to help them rank better.
  • While updating the pages, these were some of the changes we made on the website.
    1. Updated URLs when necessary and created the proper redirects.
    2. Updated our internal liking to the pages.
    3. Updated the keywords we were targeting to better match the pages.
    4. We’ve optimized their Google My Business profile and all local citations.
    5. We were able to create relevant links to the pages to help them rank better.
    6. We continue to create new content targeting keywords relevant to the client to help them rank better.


Google Ads:

Before we started managing the client’s Google Ads account, they were not seeing the returns from the amount of they were spending. Before we started, we audited the account.

  • We reviewed our tracking and make sure we are tracking the conversion actions we need to track our leads.
  • We re-structured our campaigns to only bid on the keywords the client wants to target.
  • We created new ad copy and tested different landing pages to tell us which pages will give us the best conversion rate.
  • We monitored the search terms we were bidding on and created a negative keyword list for everything we don’t want to bid on.
  • We test and continue to test to improve the number of leads we’re generating while trying to lower our cost per conversion.

When we started they were only getting 30 to 70 conversions every month with their ad spend, while they’re now averaging over 100 conversions every month while only spending half of what they were spending with their previous marketing agency. We’re now converting at around 29% with an average of $15.90 cost per conversion from January 1 2022 to May 9, 2022

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