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Lead Generation

Traditional Lead Generation Methods That Still Work

Despite the rise of digital marketing, traditional marketing strategies can still be highly effective in generating business leads. These methods offer a personal touch and direct engagement, which is particularly useful when executed. This article explores several conventional lead generation strategies, using examples relevant to the allied health industry.

Traditional Strategies To Get Leads

Direct Mail

Direct mail involves sending a physical mail piece directly to the recipient at their home or business. This method allows for a high level of personalization and can yield high response rates if the message and target audience are well-matched. For allied health professionals, this might involve:

  • Sending personalized letters or postcards to residences in the local area offering a discount on specific services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy to encourage trial of services.
  • Promoting a special offer for bulk therapy services, such as “Family Packages,” where you can get a discount on therapy services for multiple family members.
  • Highlighting your clinic’s commitment to telehealth – a selling point that could attract busy or remote clients.
  • Creating urgency by adding an expiration date to your offers, prompting potential clients to take action more quickly.


Telemarketing allows businesses to connect directly with potential customers by phone. It can be an effective method for explaining services, answering questions, and building a personal connection. For allied health professionals, this might involve:

  • Establishing a list of potential business leads, such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other healthcare facilities that need regular therapy services.
  • Offering a free consultation or a discount for bulk orders can generate interest.
  • Respecting the receiver’s time and privacy is crucial – always ask if it’s a good time to talk, keep the conversation brief and focused, and follow up with relevant information.
  • Keeping track of calls and results to improve the approach and pitch continuously.

Trade Shows

Trade shows provide businesses a platform to interact face-to-face with potential customers, demonstrate their services, and answer questions directly. For allied health professionals, this might involve:

  • Setting up a booth at local health expos or job fairs, displaying examples of high-quality therapy services.
  • Showcasing innovative therapy technologies used, demonstrating them at the booth if possible.
  • Offering an exclusive discount or special offer for those who sign up for your services during the event, encouraging immediate sign-ups.
  • Collecting contact information from attendees interested in the service for follow-ups post-event.

Print Advertisements

Print advertising in newspapers, magazines, or flyers allows businesses to reach a broad local audience. It can be particularly effective for companies like laundry shops, which typically serve customers in their immediate area. For allied health professionals, this might involve:

  • Advertising in local newspapers, magazines, or community newsletters to reach a broad regional audience.
  • Highlighting your clinic’s services, working hours, convenient location, and special offers for new clients.
  • Including client testimonials or a unique selling proposition (e.g., specializing in pediatric therapy, accepting multiple insurance providers).
  • Using a QR code that leads directly to your website for more information on how to book a service makes it easy for potential clients to engage with your business.

Referral Program

Referral programs encourage existing customers to refer new customers in exchange for a reward. It can be a highly cost-effective method of acquiring new customers, as people trust personal recommendations. For allied health professionals, this might involve:

  • Offering existing clients a discount or free service for referring new clients.
  • Promoting the referral program in-store, via email, and social media to ensure your clients know about it.
  • Considering a two-sided referral program where both the existing and the new clients benefit can encourage new clients to try your service.

Local Business Partnerships

By partnering with other local businesses, you can access new customers and provide added value to your existing client base. For allied health professionals, this could include:

  • Collaborating with local fitness centers, wellness clinics, or sports clubs to offer special discounted therapy services for their members. In return, these partner businesses could provide exclusive discounts or perks to your clinic’s patients, encouraging them to try out these partnered services.
  • Cross-promoting each other’s services on social media, newsletters, or at each respective establishment can also extend your reach. For instance, if you’re a physical therapist, you could share posts about a local fitness center’s new classes and they could inform their members about the benefits of your therapy services. The partnership presents a win-win situation, with both parties able to tap into each other’s client base.

    How Do Traditional Strategies Generate Leads?

    Each traditional lead generation strategy discussed here offers a unique method to reach and engage potential customers. With a personal touch, direct mail can grab the recipient’s attention and deliver a tailored message directly to them. This method can yield significant response rates when the target audience is carefully chosen, and the message is well-crafted.

    Telemarketing, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to connect directly with potential customers, explain services, answer queries, and build a personal connection, leading to more robust lead generation. Trade shows provide a face-to-face interaction platform, allowing businesses to showcase their products or services and interact directly with potential customers.

    Print advertising in local newspapers or magazines remains a powerful strategy to reach a broad regional audience. These ads can highlight the unique selling proposition of your business, draw attention with special offers, and direct potential customers to engage further.

    Businesses can cost-effectively acquire new leads by encouraging existing customers to refer new customers. Referral programs capitalize on the trust in personal recommendations. Lastly, partnerships with local businesses can provide mutually beneficial opportunities for reaching new customers and adding value to existing ones.

    These traditional strategies can generate leads, establish strong customer relationships, and drive business growth when implemented effectively. While digital marketing has advantages, these conventional methods still hold their ground in the marketing world, proving that sometimes, the old ways can be just as effective, if not more so, in reaching out to potential customers and turning them into loyal patrons.

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