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Using ClickUp To Manage Content Syndication

This one’s for my agencies. We perform this work for a handful of clients, and it has proven to be very effective. Our clients love it because they love the idea of minimal or no work for them, but they also love what it does for the entire ecosystem.

Ask the client to record a video

First, we ask our clients to record a video, and 99% of the time, they use their phones. We encourage them to keep it simple and talk for just a few minutes. We never want to overwhelm them, and we prioritize content over quality. Our clients are busy, just like yours, so we want to make the process seem as simple as possible. We typically ask them to do this once a week, but once a month is just as good.


So what do we do? They give us a video. So we actually have it set up in ClickUp. So that when we tell ClickUp—we have an automation that sends an email to the client telling them to record a video for us.


Once we receive the video, we send it to our video editor since most of the content that we receive from clients is usually in its original form, most of the time in vertical form. The editor then edits it for both vertical and horizontal formats, depending on the client’s needs.


Once the editing is done, we upload the video and syndicate it everywhere.

Content Syndicate

Content Syndication Process

It goes up on YouTube to build their channel because YouTube videos have amazing longevity. We also create shorts from the video, which have great reach. We upload the video to the client’s blog and optimize it for SEO. We extract the audio from the video and upload it to Anchor, creating an account for the client so that the audio is available to anyone who wants to listen. We send the video and transcript to the client’s email list, create a newsletter template, and send it out to their list. We also schedule the content on their social media platforms.


To attract new viewers, we boost the content’s meta, which drives traffic to their website or increases the video’s views. This works especially well when the video is of high quality. The client receives newsletters, social media management, YouTube video creation, and all the brand awareness, reach, and engagement that comes with it. This keeps them in front of their current followers and helps them reach new ones.


I wanted to share this process with you and show you how we set it up in ClickUp. We use ClickUp frequently and have found automation to be very effective. Hopefully, you learned something from this.

Interested in learning more about what else you can automate in your business?


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